My main personality trait is probably hating mayonnaise. I have an odd hatred for it and cannot bring myself to consume anything containing mayonnaise.


While I used to thoroughly enjoy eating chicken, I can't say I still do. At least, not after eating it way undercooked in Portola twice in a row. I've pretty much sworn off of chicken entirely, unless I've cooked it myself.

Last but not least...

I don't vibe with creamy sauces or dressings. I just don't! I don't like the texture and I think they all have weird aftertastes. I would rather top my soups, salads, pastas, and other dishes with literally anything else.

I know I seem picky... but check out my spice cabinet

Also, I don't think I am picky. There are exceptions to all the foods published on this page (apart from the mayonnaise. No exceptions to that) and I enjoy a wide variety of flavors and different cultures of food. I'll try (and generally enjoy) almost anything given that it does not contain mayonnaise.

Chili sesame oil

My savior. My sustenance. A hidden gem obtained for 4$ at a Korean grocery store back home. This elevates all my rice, noodles, popcorn, eggs, literally anything I cook- to the next level.

Garlic Salt

Better than regular salt. The only food you can't toss it in is Mexican. Easy way to up the standards of every microwaveable dish.

Ginger Powder

Adds a cool kick to things. Saves me from having to store and maintain regular ginger. Great for Asian foods, like fried rice or curry.


Last and definitely not least, my Egyptian essentials. I would not be who I am today without the influence of cumin in my life. It goes in everything that doesn't already have a defined flavor profile.

Get in touch, unless you're trying to change my mind